About Us

Market Position and Mission

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading provider of IT Security Solutions company. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. mission is to solidify its position in an ever-evolving security products and services industry, across a range of growing market segments, including computers, mobiles, tablets and Next Gen Networks (NGNs) and to forge strong customer and partner relationships.

Value Proposition

As a customer-centric, relationship-driven partner, Quick Heal focuses on providing easily deployable and trustworthy security solutions for defense against real-time risks. The solutions simplify security management across the length and depth of devices and on multiple platforms. The Quick Heal ecosystem is infused with a genuine culture of customer satisfaction and the product family has been voted as the ‘Most-Preferred’ AntiVirus brand by CRN Channel Champions.

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Key Attributes

Customer-centric approach for consumer satisfaction and unique Quick Heal support experience.

Distinct culture deep-rooted belief in safeguarding the concept of providing equal employment opportunities. Multi-cultural workforce and management, inspirational leadership and culture.

Dedicated to building strong, sustainable and long-term customer and partner relationships based on customization, quality and alliances.

Skilled and dedicated expertise, devoted research and development base resulting in premium security solutions and services accruing to intellectual and business advantage for partners and customers.

Industry and domain depth and expertise, with region-specific combination of go-to-market and traditional marketing approaches.

Integrated services approach and flexible business practices.

Research and Development

Our R&D team comprises of the following sub-teams

Business Logic Team

The business logic team is responsible for analysing the ecosystem for our solutions, i.e., the industry, technology, competition, market size and segmentation, with feedback and input from our sales team and customers. Based on the information gathered, this team helps in building product roadmaps and devising appropriate strategies.

Product Development Team

The product development team is responsible for the design and development of various products and solutions. It supports our R&D activities on various Operating Systems (OS) and multiple platforms that can be supported through Cloud.
Internet of Things (IoT) Security Team: This team is responsible for the identification of opportunities in this emerging area and to create products and solutions for home automation security.

Incidence Response Team

The incidence response team includes two sub teams: Technical Account Managers team and Technical Professionals (Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Engineers) team. These teams contribute to our rapid response to any emergency situation/incident at an enterprise security infrastructure.

Threat Research and Response Team

The Threat Research and Response team provides proactive response to prevalent threats. This team provides detection and removal of reported viruses and malwares. This team also focuses on the preparation of Quick Heal products for antivirus certifications and maintaining zero false positives.

Quality Assurance Team

The quality assurance team provides systematic measurement, standard evaluation, monitoring of processes, and an associated feedback loop that helps prevent errors in our products. The team studies each product in a systematic and comprehensive manner, before the same is released to our customers.

Domestic and International Support

Established reputation for strong customer support: 24×7 inbound telephone centre, SMS, Online Chat, Support Forum, email, Remote and On-site ground Support (Where applicable)

Industries Served

Manufacturing companies, banking, financial and insurance (BFSI) companies, healthcare, hospitality, educational institutions, government customers, emerging e-commerce companies and other services companies

Major Security Solution Offerings

  • Simple, effective and intelligent security solutions designed to protect home and business
    Desktop and Mobile.
  • Robust network and content security solutions designed to protect resources and communication channels for personal computing, SMEs, Government establishments and corporate networks.
  • SMB and Enterprise security solutions on efficient and integrated approach to threat and vulnerability management.